Friday, July 6, 2012

Skype trading chat room

I'm currently managing a skype trading room. It has people from all over the world who have various degrees of trading experience. The majority trade either forex or futures, but I believe there are a few people who trade stocks. Currently there are about 49 people in the room (though only around 5-10 of us actually talk), and most activity is during the Euro market session through the majority of the US session.

If you're interested in joining us I can add you to the room. I just need your skype name which you can leave in the comments of this post. It is text chat only (no mics or cams), so don't worry about having a mic/cam. Beware: I have to add you to my contacts list before I can add you to the room. After you are in the room you can remove me from your contacts if you wish.


tatarmircearoland said...

Please add me to the Skype group, my id is hughes.andre

Anonymous said...

Pls add me to the room
skype: trademeister1