Thursday, December 1, 2011

ISM manufacturing, Construction spending, Step 4 to successful trading, EU risk spreads, Sarkozy speech, and the central banks' move

ISM manufacturing index
Construction spending
Step 4 to successful trading
EU risk spreads tighten, but is it enough?
All eyes on Sarkozy
Central banks' move has done nothing?


Scott said...

Hello! I appreciate that you keep a log of your trading online, it is a great resource, and motivating to see other traders keep record online. Do you find that you go back and look at your previous posts and learn from them, or what exactly is the reason for the blog? Anyway, just curious and want to get a sense of the benefits of keeping a record online publicly.. if you could let me know how it has helped I would be more than willing to read why.

~The ScottTrader

StockHunter said...

Thanks! For me keeping a blog is like when someone writes a report about a movie after they see it. They will remember more of the movie for a longer time if they write a report about it afterwards. I also use for looking back real quick at the past week. However, when I need to review more in-depth I use the spreadsheet I keep of my trades along with the screenshots (on my hard-drive) I take.

The links to news articles I publish are more for the benefit of my readers. I figure if it's a good article I should share it with everyone.

For the strategies and educational stuff I publish it benefits myself and my fellow traders by reminding us of the basics. The new traders who happen to find my educational stuff also will benefit by learning something new.