Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fed rate hike an improvement

Read a good article today (Click here to read it) and had a few of my own comments to make on it.

John Canally I think is wrong it will strengthen the dollar, and I don't think it will cause stocks to fall. They may at first but I think it will help the stock market because a strong dollar will help with exports. In turn we would also have jobs improving because we would be making stuff, and companies would be making more money to hire people with.

This guy from Miami is amazing. He has been laid off for 2 years, goes job hunting, finally gets an offer and turns it down because "it doesn't pay as much as his old job?" Beggars can't be choosers, your industry is in the crapper so you should expect to be taking a pay cut (or change the type of work you do). That's like a retail store refusing to lower the price of it's product even though they have a large surplus and demand for that product has all but despaired. However, I don't blame him when the government is paying him to sit around for 2+ years.

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