Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My trading rules

My general rules that can apply to most strategies/systems in stock and currency trading:

  1. Always keep you're loosers smaller than you're gainers!
  2. Test and prove a strategy before trading it
  3. Do not be scared, nervous, or anxious, before, during, or even after a trade
  4. Do not force trades, if you need to trade something paper-trade a new strategy
  5. Always have a stop-loss
  6. Stick to your stop-loss
  7. Take screenshots of all your trades so you can look back at them for any bad/good habits to correct/note
  8. Keep emotion far away from your trading! (goes along with #3)

That’s it (for now) if I come up with anymore I will add them and note the change in my post of the day.

Here is a video made by ORION MACHINE that explains why some traders fail:



You seem like a mature trader bro, I like that. Our rules are basically the same. Have you read trading in the zone?

StockHunter said...

Thanks, and sorry it took me so long to reply. I didn't get any e-mails telling me I had a comment lol.

No I haven't read that, the only book I've ever read (for stocktrading/investing) is: The great crash of 1929, by john kenneth galbraith. I plan on eventually reading some of the books you mentioned in one of you're videos.